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by mori_mori_108 | 2005-12-21 17:57 | Coopもの

Extended! (*Revised)

Yay, my boss came to my place and told that my coop work term would be extended until the end of April. I was worried that I had to find a job in anywhere else since I had not heard that I would be able to work in the company I'm working for now after the Christmas. But, boila! My job in the next coop work term is secured. I dare think about the Christmas holidays I'm going to spend in my home.

*What a crappy writing... I should be ashamed of what I wrote yesterday. That was total disastor... Well, here's a slightly better version of that.
by mori_mori_108 | 2005-11-01 16:48 | Coopもの
Oh. I called in sick today. It seemed that I developed sort of flu during this long long weekend. I was perfectly okay until Monday morning and I just couldn't believe that I was going to have such a hard time because of the sore body and heavily water-drained throat... it's not exactly sore but it's really dry in a manner of speaking. Well. just sporadically throw some nice cough... Goph... Sounds not that bad actually. As long as I can write this down to this blog. I'm surely taking hold of my dear brain power. A will to keep a diary could scare a cold in my body. You don't know, maybe tomorrow, I will be totally fine at all.
by mori_mori_108 | 2005-10-12 19:27 | Coopもの

Neurotic imposture...

This is some sort of phenomenon which occur in today's workplace. People who just got promoted to the senior position believe that he or she would not fit in a new position and think that it's not appropriate for him or her to be in that position. What's worse. They start pondering that there must be a better player in their colleagues. They are afraid that one day their boss or colleague would find out that they are incompetent in that position. In their mind the doubt that they are not doing right consumes much of their thoughts. They are eventually exhausted in the work. Whatever they do, the things are not going smoothly. Little by little their disbelief in themselves stripes down their assets and skills. "Am I a fraud?" That's the very question they are asking themselves every day like mantra that keeps reminding them of the pressure and various burdens... Sooner or later, the situation would be either in the case that they cannot hold up anymore and take a leave or in the case that they are going to be discharged from that position due to their incompetence in the job.

That's common symptom in the person who is just promoted to the senior position in the career ladder. Although I'm not in such a position, I still feel this is what I'm experiencing now. Oh dear. I don't think my boss is satisfied with my work. Yesterday, he even didn't talk to me. Ah... I hope that was my misunderstanding or that would have some better explanation. Is he avoiding me? Or better not. I just don't want to be in that kind of situation. T_T
by mori_mori_108 | 2005-10-07 23:42 | Coopもの


The week of work is over. Although I wasn't totally satisfied with my work for this week, I became more familiar with other co-wokers and also, I'm getting used to waking up early in the morning and hitting the bed as planned. Not too bad. Life is not too bad. I feel more relaxed than I was in school. I could have time to think about the future too. While being in school, I wasn't organized at all. So, I didn't think much of what my future would hold for me...
I guess, now is the time to think about the future career. I thought about taking MBA a couple of years after graduating BCom. That would come natural to me after all since most of business school grads are planning to do that. But I'm worried about GPA. I checked the admission requirements. Most B school ask students to have at least B+ for GPA. Well... my GPA isn't that great (to tell the truth). After getting into BCom, my GPA started staggering...humbly seeking a path to excel....although that's hardly palpable...(Damn I wish I could go back at the beginning of third year)
Well, I don't know. (I often said that whenever I really don't have anything to say. Or simply I don't have any excuse to make. I don't know what? I don't know anything.)
Weekend already kicked off. How come that I'm suffering from this kinda pain. I guess I will just sleep on it for a while. I need to be serious about this sooner but not now. I need some rest. Maybe I can think about this tomorrow.
by mori_mori_108 | 2005-09-10 18:40 | Coopもの

Have a discount?

Mmmm... I just realized that I was discounting the day. To give you more specific story, I was thinking that today was 6th... I don't know how I came to believe that I was still staying two days ago while everyone else was living today. Maybe that's because of the long long weekend I had last week. I have somehow created some imagination that today was still Tuesday. Oh my... I'd rather believe that today was Friday. Then I've already done my job for this week.
Well, that's just a day ahead. Friday is coming!
by mori_mori_108 | 2005-09-09 12:26 | Coopもの
My little project on Excel was about to complete. All I have to do is to keep eyes on some minor errors and adjust them as required.
It won't take long before the final product would be released to my co-workers. I hope that the stuff I was working on in the last two weeks would improve some part of job in an efficient way. There are tonnes of works which has been done manually. But I see there are a lot of opportunities to get them improved by translating them to the automated procedures.
I like to be positioned as an operational analyst. It's just challenging yet intriguing.
by mori_mori_108 | 2005-09-08 09:38 | Coopもの

Second week kicks off

Oh, time flies when you are having fun. That's exactly what I felt after long weekend ended rather quicker than I was expecting. I was adjusting to the life where I wake up in 6 or so to get myself ready when the clock hits at 7. Leaving my place and taking a bus to downtown.... Getting to the office at around 8 and start off the work. And leaving the office around 4, coming back to my place...at 5. Checking emails and other things on my computer and eat supper. Then I would hit the bed at around 11 or so. My life get some rhythm. The rhythm was switching my lazy laid back life style to the hyper workaholic mode.
But again, during the weekend, I found the rhythm was setting me back to something more familiar...relaxing...having-nothing-to-do kinda days...
I was trying not to think about the job while on vacation. But at the very least...I made some notes that I would not forget something I came up with on the weekend.... Time flied...(faster than the canon ball...do you know this? :P) ...boila...
I woke up early in the morning again, went to the office, did some work, and came back to my place. I'm looking forward the weekend again.
by mori_mori_108 | 2005-09-07 10:34 | Coopもの
Hey, hey, hey. I just got off the work.
Today, it was fantastic. My little program on Excel was kinda getting better in terms of programming schema... There're a few adjustments required though. This is the first project to start up my coop work term. So, if I could get this done by next week, I would be happy with that. So, my day started off fairly nicely. And one more thing. I was invited to have a lunch with my senior managers. We talked about a lot and they shared their future goals regarding the company's potential expansion to the international market. They even mentioned that they would probably extend my coop workterm to 8 months. Besides, there was some indication that they might take me into the company after the graduation from the university. (Oh....that'd be as good as it gets....)
I don't know what I'm gonna see at the end of this coop work term. But I want it to be nice and sound. And I'll be ready to rock! Happy dancing :)
by mori_mori_108 | 2005-09-03 09:06 | Coopもの

The fourth day...

Today wasn't as bad as yesterday, I guess. At least, I'm kinda getting used to sit in the deskchair and have some chat with coworkers. (Well, this is embarrassing though. Today I wasn't feeling good. It seemed that I sneezed a lot. Then my coworker who sit right next to my cubicle asked me if I'd like some tissues...Oh no... I was just grateful since I thought I wasn't fitting in there at all. At least they were kind to me. Why couldn't I be like them.)

Other things, as I said before, I am pretty much on my own in the office. This could be good for some reasons but not so for other reasons... Although I can have a lot of privacy, no one is going to help me out to do something like getting the access to the computer, introducing myself to the coworkers in the neighbour of my cubicle.

This is kinda pain for me, but I think I could live with this as long as I can decide most of the things by myself.

Oh, I should talk to my boss about the project tomorrow. Although I have much freedom in the choice, I still need to see my boss.
by mori_mori_108 | 2005-09-02 14:31 | Coopもの